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Pain in the knee can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk. Dr. Khan at Silicon Valley Pain Management offers diagnosis and treatment for patients in and around San Jose, California for knee pain.

Knee Pain Q & A

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain is common for some people especially as we age. However, if the pain is severe enough it might be a sign of something different. Knee pain is divided into three major categories: acute injury, medical conditions like arthritis, or chronic overuse. A full physical examination can establish the diagnosis of knee pain. Knee pain can be localized to a specific area of the knee, or the it can range throughout the entire area. Depending on the condition causing the pain, the knee sometimes can become locked or restricted with movement.

How does a knee get injured?

A knee can become injured from an accident, participation in sports, or with the gradual wear and tear which results from age. Some of the acute injuries that cause knee pain are:

  • Fractures - Direct trauma to the bony structure can cause one of the bones in the knee to break. All fractures need immediate medical attention.
  • Ligament injuries - Most often this involves an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
  • Meniscus injuries - Twisting the knee can injure the meniscus.
  • Dislocation - The knee joint can become during accidents or sports.

How is knee pain treated?

Dr. Khan has extensive experience treating pain throughout the body,
including the knees. Depending on the type of pain that is current,
treatment may include many different options. These may include:

  • Medical acupuncture
  • Knee steroid injections
  • Knee Hyaluronic acid injections

In order to develop the best treatment for you come in for consultation with Dr. Khan today.

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