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Headaches are a common occurrence for most but when they become constant it may be signs of something more aggressive. In San Jose, California patients can visit Dr. Khan at Silicon Valley Pain Management for relief from headaches.

Headache Q & A

Can headaches be serious?

Headaches are usually common and subside within a few hours. However, there are two main types of headache which can because to see a doctor:

  • Migraines – which often result in nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Tension headaches – this occurs with pain on both sides of the head and may be associated with muscle pain.

Migraines and tension headaches can interrupt day-to-day activities and quality of life. They may also be the signs of an underlying condition. When the headaches begin to interfere with your daily routine such as causing altered vision, bodily functions, and increased pain and sensation elsewhere in the body, or mood or personality changes, you should seek professional care to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

What treatments does Silicon Valley Pain Management offer?

Dr. Khan and the staff at Silicon Valley Pain Management take your specific pain symptoms into consideration for proper treatment. Dr. Khan works with patients one-on-one to discuss the best treatment options for your pain relief. Treatment will be based on your specific needs and can include anything from acupuncture treatment, spinal decompression treatment, and more. Dr. Khan offers medical acupuncture and Botox injections for treatment of migraine headaches. Schedule an appointment with one Dr. Khan today to get you back on the road to relief.

What if I don’t have a headache when I come in?

Sometimes you won’t show any signs of pain when you arrive at the office but that doesn’t mean your pain won’t return. Whether or not you are showing signs of pain, Dr. Khan will be able to diagnose the exact cause of your headache and discuss the best treatment options for you at that time. Because there are many reasons that a person can get a headache, each with varying degrees of pain, they will often return if the root problem is not addressed. Repeat visits are recommended to help retrain and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and head.

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